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A Popular Anti-Clotting Device May Do More Harm than Good


Some doctors are calling for the boycott of inferior vena cava, or IVC filters — and patients are suing manufacturers.

Why Food's Plastic Problem is Bigger Than We Realise

BBC Future

Plastic isn’t just a problem in supermarkets. It’s universal on farms, too – but now farmers are trying to ditch it in favour of environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Some women feel fetal kicks years after they've given birth

New Scientist

40 per cent of women surveyed felt kicking after they had given birth.

Microbe Scientists Are Preparing Us to Eat in a Post-Plant World


"We are bringing a completely new harvest to the humankind"

The Last Gasp of The Maui Dolphin

Hakai magazine

Critics say the New Zealand government's proposed conservation plan falls short of what is needed to ensure the survival of these dolphins.

Accuracy of Genotyping Chips Called into Question

The Scientist

Chips used by some direct-to-consumer genetic testing firms display a false positive rate of upwards of 85 percent when screening for rare variants, a new study finds.

Bystander effect: Famous psychology result could be completely wrong

New Scientist

If you were being attacked, would anyone stop to help you?

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